Why Blog?

– make it short.
– make it interesting
– be honest
– have good pictures


One night in London (Beckton) with good friends. Jess’ 17th birthday. “All Too Human” at Tate Britain, and Simon Carter at Messums.


Painting from memory in the studio.


Catching the last of the snow. Drawing to absorb what I see.


Snow. Taking all my cues from the landscape. Letting it carry me.


A walk on the sea front at Aberystwyth. Sitting on a bench at the harbour, the second floor windows of the school of art in view. Some drawings. Not of the sea, but of what I know. Memory drawings. Feeling drawings.


A walk I will remember. Contrast, light and dark, friendship. My two youngest children talking and laughing. An empty wood.

Companionable Comprehension

For the last three days I’ve walked up the road, into the fields, and drawn. Today I considered driving further afield, but I felt sure I could find something new in the same wet fields under the same dark sky, so I walked. And again, when I thought I was away from the road and…

Winter Sky

I took a short trip to Aberystwyth today to retrieve the pastels I have missed so much while I’ve been snowbound at home. I sat on the prom for a while, looking at the horizon, and listening to the boom of waves against the sea wall. Every so often some surf would splash up and…