Why Blog?

– make it short.
– make it interesting
– be honest
– have good pictures


A snowfall, of the kind we don’t get anymore, came in December and snowed us in for five days. Light and sound changed, the land and sky changed. We walked, played, took photographs, I drew.                      

Scaling Up

Last week was another week of small, from-memory paintings, fifteen in total.¬† I used different papers and different palettes. By the end of the week I was bored. I’d met the challenges I’d set for myself and felt ready to get away from paper and small scale work. I love painting because it’s hard. I…

Cold Hill

An hour on the hill this afternoon; cold overcast sky, black peaty mud. I drew, but I couldn’t feel my hands. On the way back down; the Brecon Beacons on the horizon sixty five miles away, worlds of colour on the quartzite at my feet.

Knowing when not to let go

I’ve shared very little work online since the Summer. I have needed to feel that I’ve been under the radar. It wasn’t a pre meditated break from social media, a few days of space somehow turned into three months. That changed this week. I completed and titled the series of paintings I’ve been working on,…

Thirteen small paintings

These A3 paintings are the results of working in oils and memory – of standing next to my studio window overlooking Cardigan Bay and remembering the landscape of home.

Tension beneath the calm

It’s October. The tides have been high. I’ve recently been working in ways that are new for me. From memory. In oils. With a limited palette. It’s been a slow, meditative process. To remember clearly and intentionally, I’ve had to stop, close my eyes, and find recollections of places, sights, sounds and perceptions I didn’t…

Red, Yellow, Blue

A defining moment during my summer, was picking whinberries from the bushes next to me, and using the juice as paint. It helped me make a deeper connection between the materials I use, and the image I make. When I paint, I select materials on the basis of colour. But drawing the mountain with the…

Summer Summary – Exhibition

During the Summer, Twenty Twenty Gallery in Much Wenlock opened a second gallery in Ludlow – in the building where The Silk Top Hat Gallery had been for many years. It’s three floors of clean, white space in a cobbled courtyard (Quality Square) near Ludlow Castle. Photo by Mary Elliott Photo by Mary Elliott Exhibiting,…

Summer Summary – The Sea (phone photos)

The Welsh Coast is our Goa/Cuba/Adriatic/Aegean, full of light, horizon line and negative ions. Standing on The Stiperstones or Corndon or Long Mountain, I search out Cader Idris in the distance, because behind Cader is the sea. I don’t want to forget these days.

Then and Now 12.9.17

Sometimes, something comes along in life which has the effect of a set of points upon a railway track. The thing causes a fundamental change of direction. It’s significance is not immediately understood. My tracks got changed five years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I didn’t know whether I would survive, whether…